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Volunteer Medical Doctor

ประเภท / Type : Health / สุขภาพ

Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) appreciates the assistance of trained medical professionals in a variety of medical fields. There are few permanent doctors working at MTC, therefore daily direct supervision by a senior clinician is not always available. Volunteering at MTC in the role of medical doctor is an enriching experience but it can be challenging due to the limited resources available.

Each volunteer medical doctor is allocated to a specific department, dependent upon their professional experience.

Key Duties:

Clinical consulting:

Work alongside local health workers to manage patients in the department, following MTC guidelines and protocols. Although usually based in one department, they may be requested to consult in other departments, especially in emergency situations.

Assist and improve care where possible, not to assume responsibility for managing the department. The key providers of health care are local health workers with heads of department and senior shift leaders.

Involvement in decisions to refer patients with complex conditions, and follow-up.


May be required to support the ongoing education of local health workers.

Developing capacity of local staff is a priority at MTC therefore the volunteer doctor is expected to share knowledge and support the development of staff.


Collaborate effectively with other health professionals at MTC including midwifes, nurses, medics, community health workers.

In rare situations (e.g cholera outbreak), the volunteer doctor may be required to support alternative departments or provide assistance for a specific task.

Essential Criteria:

Medical degree (M.D) from an official medical university

Minimum 2 years relevant professional clinical experience

Availability for at least 3 months

Proficiency in English

Flexible, open-minded, adaptable


Previous experience in resource limited health settings in developing countries.

Training in tropical medicines and infectious diseases.

Please note:

Mae Tao clinic has no education program for medical doctors and cannot be responsible for training, supervising and evaluating junior doctors.

For further information regarding this volunteer role please contact .

Information about volunteering at Mae Tao Clinic is available at


ทักษะที่ต้องการ / Skills :

ช่วงเวลา / Duration : 19 / 10 / 2016 to 30 / 11 / 2016

จำนวนอาสาสมัคร / Quota : NA คน / people

เงื่อนไขพิเศษ / Extra :

date : 19 Oct 2016

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