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Malaria Consortium Asia (Chiang Mai Office) Request for Proposal (RFP) & Invitation for Tender for Collection of Data for the Thailand Malaria Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Survey 2014


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Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 5 Jun 2014
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Malaria Consortium Asia (Chiang Mai Office)

Request for Proposal (RFP) & Invitation for Tender for Collection of Data for the Thailand Malaria Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Survey 2014


A. Malaria Consortium

Malaria Consortium is one of the world's leading non-profit organisations dedicated to the comprehensive control of malaria and other communicable diseases in Africa and Southeast Asia. Malaria Consortium works with communities, government and non-government agencies, academic institutions, and local and international organisations, to ensure good evidence supports delivery of effective services, providing technical support for monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities for evidence-based decision-making and strategic planning. The Head Office is in London, at Development House, 56-64, Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT, UK, with the Africa Regional Office in Kampala, the Nigeria Regional Office in Abuja and the Asia Regional Office in Bangkok.  

B.  Administrative Information

It is the intent of this RFP to secure competitive proposals to select a vendor to collect data for the Thailand Malaria Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Survey 2014 in Thailand.  

The Bidder shall submit sealed bids addressed to Mr. Alongkorn Nuanyai, at Malaria Consortium  Thailand (Chiang Mai Office) 268/10 Thung Hotel Soi 6, Thung Hotel Road, Watkate, Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Tel: +66 (0) 5324 0513. Alternatively, bids may be sent electronically to:

Bids must be received by 04 July 2014 at 4:00 PM.   Bids submitted after this time will not be accepted.

Malaria Consortium shall notify the winning bidder in writing no more than 30 working days after the bid opening.  Malaria Consortium is under no responsibility to release the identity or contract terms of the winning bidder.

The submitted proposal must include the following information.  Failure to supply all requested information or comply with the specified formats may disqualify the bidder from consideration. 

Completed technical and price components.

Company qualification & references.

Please state any additional services that Malaria Consortium should consider in the bid

Malaria Consortium reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, and to accept the bid deemed to be in the best interest of Malaria Consortium, and is not bound to accept the lowest priced bid submitted.

Malaria Consortium reserves the right to award contracts to multiple vendors if deemed to be in its best interest.

The award criteria shall be based on the proposals overall value for money while taking into consideration donor and internal requirements and regulations.  The award will be determined by the procurement review committee formed by Malaria Consortium employees.

All bid responses shall be reviewed and certified by Malaria Consortium in adherence to the disqualification rules set forth by our donors. 

CTechnical Requirements & Specifications

The bidder should provide evidence that they can meet Malaria Consortium’s requirements.  Evidence may take the form of written agreements, certifications, signed original letters or other written evidence that can be verified by Malaria Consortium.

The bidder should provide all the materials required by Malaria Consortium in the best quality and will be responsible to deliver the ordered goods/services to the final destination as specified on the Purchase Order or contract.

The bidder should specify in their bid whether or not they intend to subcontract any part of the work required under this RFP, and provide details on the part to be subcontracted and the agency to which the subcontract will be awarded.


The bidder should submit, as part of the bid, a section describing the vendor’s general qualifications to provide the services requested which should include information on length of operation, ownership, management, technical qualifications of staff and any other information the vendor feels will support their bid.

The vendor shall submit, as part of the bid, a minimum of two client references which will include a contact name, phone number and email address.

EScoring Criteria

All bids will be primarily selected and scored against the below set of criteria; however, other relevant information provided by the bidder will be considered in the scoring process. 

Relevant experience of the bidder

Qualifications and competence of the personnel proposed 

Adequacy of technical approach and proposed work plan


Bid compliance to the RFP requirement

FOther Contract Terms & Conditions

The bidder will receive a contract for the period during which services are expected (approximately 5 months, from July to November 2014). 

The bidder will provide fixed prices for the contract term.

Payment will be made upon submission of invoice from bidder with supporting documents as specified by the contract and ToR.

All payments shall be made in Thai baht by bank transfer or by check.

All payments are to be made in stages based upon progress of work as agreed with MC in the contract.

The language for communications and required documents is English.

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Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Alongkorn Nuanyai (Pond)
Administrative Officer

Malaria Consortium Asia (Chiang Mai Office)
268/10 Thung Hotel Soi 6, Thung Hotel Road,
Wat Kate, Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 53 240 513
Fax: +66 (0) 53 240 113




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