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Assistant Director for a Transformative Learning English Language Program Near Bangkok


Organization : The INEB Institute
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 12 Jul 2018
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Deadline : 1 / October / 2018


Position Available as Assistant Director for a Transformative Learning English Language Program


The Institute for Transformative Learning of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB Institute) is seeking a person who can teach English, mentor students, and provide strong support to the director of an innovative English for transformative learning program. Please see a description of the program, entitled School of English for Engaged Social Service (SENS), below and at

We Are Looking for Candidates Who Have the Following Qualities, Interests, and Skills:

 Periods of Work Expected


 Compensation for the position of Assistant Director for the School of English for Engaged Social Service 2018 is negotiable and will depend on qualifications, perceived likelihood of making a significant contribution, experience, and degree. It is very likely that compensation will be far lower than would be expected for an academic position in North America, Europe, or Japan. However, while the course is in session, the Assistant Director will receive free room and board, and free work-related travel. In addition, it is expected that the experience will be profoundly gratifying in ways that a normal academic position might not be.

 One Assistant Director highlighted these benefits:

 Submission of Applications

Key Features of the Program

The INEB Institute’s three-month SENS course aims to develop the qualities necessary for compassionate leadership at a time of growing crisis and uncertainty. For leadership to be compassionate and clear-minded, we believe it must be grounded in a strong sense of connection with oneself, with the earth, with immediate others, and with local, regional, and international communities. The ability to think freely and develop confidence in one’s views and capacities are also essential. These qualities can be developed through training and the adoption of carefully selected personal disciplines and practices. The kind of student we ideally seek to reach is a young adult from Asia who has already shown some commitment to work for the common good through practices of personal and social transformation. Such commitments and practices have been at the core of INEB’s identity as an international network since its inception.

Working with a small group, we aim for depth of learning and experience in a number of areas. The most significant of these are: 

These areas are overlapping, and each has a subset of further skills or capacities that enable them. For example, the skills of awareness and sensitivity to others, mutual support, and cooperation, require a subset of skills that includes the ability to verbally appreciate others, the ability to listen with attention and respect as well as to keep confidentiality, the willingness to inquire into and accept cultural, ideological, and personal differences in an atmosphere of respect, and the willingness to trust and to share one’s personal thoughts and feelings in appropriate settings.

To accomplish these goals, the program uses a complex orchestration of

The SENS 2019 program will take up the theme of: Interfaith Understanding towards Peace and Sustainability. To engage this theme fully, we will seek to build a very diverse cohort of students from around Asia and beyond. 


Teaching and Instruction

Strategy and Planning



The only language required is English. Level of mastery of English must be excellent in all skill levels. Must be capable of providing critiques and suggestions on students' English writing. A master's degree level of use of English in interpreting texts, understanding the language of social science and pedagogy, articulation in speech and writing, and in critiquing writing is required, but we recognize that some individuals without an MA may have those levels of skills.


Submission of Applications

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