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Filmmaker/Videographer/Creative Agency for testBKK’s Upcoming Webseries


Organization : APCOM Foundation
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 12 Jul 2018
View : 1000

Deadline : 12 / August / 2018

OrganisationAPCOM Foundation

Title :  Filmmaker/Videographer/Creative Agency for testBKK’s Upcoming Webseries

Deadline : 12 August 2018

Consultancy Period : until 15 September 2018






Founded in 2007, APCOM is a coalition of members – governments, UN partners, non-profits and community based organisations – from Asia and the Pacific. APCOM represent a diverse range of interests working together to advocate on, highlight and prioritise HIV and human rights issues that affect the lives of gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) and other communities affected by HIV in Asia and the Pacific. Our goals are to improve the well-being of the key affected communities in the region through increased investment, coverage and quality of sexual health services and human rights protection. 




Started in 2014, testBKK is a pilot and Bangkok-based campaign of testXXX, APCOM’s flagship regional sexual health campaign targeting young gay men in Asia-Pacific cities with high HIV prevalence among gay men and other men who have sex men (MSM) demography. TestBKK aims to increase the HIV prevention, support and care service uptakes, while also empower young Thai gay men to exercise their sexual health and rights. By the end of 2017, TestBKK has contributed to more than 14,000 HIV service uptakes, such as HIV and STI testing, PrEP1 initiation, and ART2 retention, by young MSM in Bangkok. Currently co-funded by LINKAGES Thailand led by FHI 360 Thailand funded by PEPFAR and USAID, TestBKK has more than 60,000 Facebook Page follower, 38,000 YouTube channel subscribers and 9,000 monthly website visitors. 


testBKK runs an online booking platform ( in which young gay men in Bangkok can book HIV testing in testBKK’s clinic partners in advance, so that they can come at the reserved time and proceed directly to meet the nurse/doctor without having to queue.  


There are four testBKK’s clinic partners located across Bangkok ( They are all gay-friendly or gay-exclusive clinic ensuring stigma-free, friendly, safe, quick, confidential and anonymous service to young gay clients.   




The consultant is expected to create a web-based reality show that is based on the following creative brief: 







The reality show is expected to provide an entertainment value to the target audience, while also educating them with HIV and sexual health knowledge. In specific, after watching the show, the target audience is expected to: 


o the easy process of booking HIV testing in advance via testBKK’s online booking platform 

o the importance of knowing their HIV status or other HIV/sexual health topic (such as STI symptoms, PrEP, HIV testing window period, how to live healthily as HIVpositive person) o testBKK’s partnered clinics that provide HIV testing services in Bangkok 


o that HIV testing is free/affordable, easy and quick o that they will get confidential and MSM-friendly services at the clinics 

o that knowing HIV status is important for their healthcare planning and lifestyle 


o reserve HIV testing booking through testBKK’s online booking platform o get HIV tested every 3 to 6 months 



TONE: Comical/humorous, entertaining, educational 




The format of the “reality show” is open to any interpretation as long as it matches the suggested tone and speaks to the target audience. The whole series is expected to consist of five episodes, each is approximately 12-15 minutes in length, including the opening and closing credits. 


Each episode should contain two bumper scenes. Bumper scene means an interstitial scene/snippet that does not have to connect with the core content of the show and can be a standalone video. These bumper scenes aim to advertise a specific goal, such as the following: 


o Bumper Scene 1 should advertise testBKK’s online booking platform. The bumper should be able to convey how easy it is too book the test on testBKK’s booking platform via a smartphone. This bumper can be identical across every episodes, and should be less than 20 seconds, and located in the first one third segment of the episode. 


o Bumper Scene 2 should show a key health message narrated by a nurse/doctor from testBKK’s clinic partners. Different episode has different “bumper scene 2”, and thus, different key health messages per bumper. This bumper should be less than 30 seconds and can be placed anywhere within the episode as long as it is not adjacent to Bumper Scene 1. 




The webseries will be published simultaneously on testBKK’s YouTube channel ( and testBKK’s Facebook page (




The casts involved in the reality show should be self-identified Thai young gay men. Casting gay social influencers is highly recommended.  The language for the webseries should be Thai. 




Thailand's โตแล้วไปไหนก็ได้ Series by Blued Thailand 

Is It True? Series by All Def Digital 

Worth It Series and Taste Test Series by BuzzFeedBlue 




The consultant is expected to conduct tasks and provide deliverables that are group into three segments: (1) pre-production, (2) post-production and (3) marketing materials. 






1.1 Write the reality show’s concept in consultation with APCOM team and the funder (FHI Thailand)

1.1.1 Story concept of the web-series (in Thai and English language)

1.2 Write the script mock-up for each episode (excluding the bumper scenes)


1.2.1 Script mock-up of each episode (in Thai language)

1.3 Provide and consult a storyboard for Bumper Scene 1 with APCOM and the FHI team

1.3.1 Storyboard for Bumper 1

1.4 Receive and edit/review the script from APCOM for Bumper Scene 2

1.4.1 Final scripts for five different Bumper 2

1.5 Host a casting to hire the staple casts, if any (i.e., host/guest stars)


1.5.1 List of the staple casts with their photo and short bio

1.5.2 Consent forms signed by the staple casts

1.6 Scout locations and dates for filming

1.6.1 List of locations and date of filming

1.7 Prepare the cost breakdown of the whole production (including the consultancy fee)

1.7.1 Cost breakdown in Thai Baht currency

1.8 Provide the timeline of the whole assignment, including the delivery of the video outputs and marketing materials

1.8.1. Timeline of the production and the delivery of each deliverables





2.1 Film, edit and deliver the video for Bumper Scene 1 (promotion of online booking platform)

2.1.1 Bumper Scene 1:

a)       clean master file*

b)       Thai closed caption file**

2.2 Film, edit and deliver the videos for Bumper Scene 2 (five videos representing five different key health message from a health expert)

2.2.1 Bumper Scene 2-1 (topic: STI symptom):

c)       clean master file*

d)       Thai closed caption file**

2.2.2 Bumper Scene 2-2 (topic: HIV testing window period):

e)       clean master file*

f)        Thai closed caption file**

2.2.3 Bumper Scene 2-3 (topic: PrEP)

g)       clean master file*

h)       Thai closed caption file**

2.2.4 Bumper Scene 2-4 (topic: HIV testing)

i)         clean master file*

j)         Thai closed caption file**

2.2.5 Bumper Scene 2-5 (topic: living healthily as HIV-positive person)

k)       clean master file*

l)         Thai closed caption file**

2.1 Film, edit and deliver the video for each episode, with bumper scenes already inserted into the episode

2.1.1 trailer of the series (no longer than 45 seconds)

2.1.2 Episode 1:

m)     clean master file*

n)       Thai closed caption file**

2.1.3 Episode 2:

o)       clean master file*

p)       Thai closed caption file**

2.1.4 Episode 3:

q)       clean master file*

r)        Thai closed caption file**

2.1.5 Episode 4:

s)        clean master file*

t)        Thai closed caption file**

2.1.6 Episode 5:

u)       clean master file*

v)       Thai closed caption file**


*) Master File Spec

The requested spec of the master file of the video of are the following:

1.        No subtitle embedding

2.        No watermark/logo or other visual attribute embedding

3.        Without compression that stretches or flattens the video

4.        Minimum resolution (aspect ratio): 1080p (1920x1080)

5.        Video codec: mov (best), mp4 or mpg

6.        Video bitrate: 16-100 mbps

7.        Audio bitrate: 128 Kbps or above

8.        Audio channels: stereo (2.0)

**) Closed Caption File Spec

The requested spec of the subtitle file of the video of are the following:

a)       Thai closed caption with accurate timecodes

b)       Format: .srt

c)        Timecode’s format starts from Hour 0 (00:00:00:000) [hour:minute:sec:millisec)







4.1 Write/design press/media marketing collateral

4.1.1 Artwork vector of the series’ logo/title in transparent background in PNG/EPS format

4.1.2 Press Release in Thai (not more than one A4 page)

4.2 Producing at least five (5) high-resolution photo stills from each episode with the min. spec of 2,000 pixels x 2500 pixels at 300 DPI in JPG/PNG/EPS format

4.2.1 Episode 1’s photo stills

4.2.2 Episode 2’s photo stills

4.2.3 Episode 3’s photo stills

4.2.4 Episode 4’s photo stills

4.2.5 Episode 5’s photo stills

4.3 Design a minimum of three (3) webseries poster artworks


Each poster should be delivered in AI format file export, in which the overlay texts (except the title) should still be in a Font/vector format.

Each poster should adhere to the following ratio/size:

4.3.1 A3 size

4.3.2 805 x 360 px (for

4.3.3 820 x 312 px (for Facebook Page’s cover picture on desktop)

4.3.4 640 x 360 px (for Facebook Page’s cover picture on smartphone)

4.4 Design a series of promotional artworks for Facebook Advertising


The artworks may employ the same photo stills delivered under Task 4.2


Please note that, adhering to Facebook Advertising policy, the overlay text on the visual should be kept as minimum as possible. Go to to check if the created artworks meet Facebook Advertising’s policy standard.

4.4.1 a series of five square images (600 x 600 px) in JPEG format

4.4.2 a series of four rectangle image (1200 x 628 px) in JPEG format



The payment will be delivered in the following batches and milestones, but they are all negotiables.


First payment: 30% of the total budget shall be paid to the Consultant when the contract is signed by both parties

Second payment: 20% of the total budget shall be paid to the Consultant when APCOM receives and approves the Pre-Production Deliverables
Third payment: 20% of the total budget shall be paid to the Consultant when the Consultant completes the filming and provide the post-edit the first two episodes

Fourth (last) payment: 30% of the total budget shall be paid to the Consultant when APCOM receives all deliverables




The followings are the desired background and experience for candidate who would like to take on the assignment – as individual or as a team:




To apply for this position, the candidate should submit the following documents to APCOM at

a)       CV (for individual applicant) or company resume (for team/firm applicant)

b)       web/URL address showing previous relevant videography works samples

c)       proposal stating how many days needed to finish the assignment from the start until the submission of the deliverables

d)       proposal stating the total budget to cover the whole assignment


For questions or enquiries for the position, please contact APCOM’s HR Officer Rangsit Sanguansak at



Contact :