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Photographer for testBKK's GayOK Bangkok Photography Campaign


Organization : APCOM Foundation
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 10 Jul 2018
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Deadline : 15 / July / 2018


Founded in 2007, APCOM is a coalition of members – governments, UN partners, non-profits and community based organisations – from Asia and the Pacific. APCOM represent a diverse range of interests working together to advocate on, highlight and prioritise HIV and human rights issues that affect the lives of gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) and other communities affected by HIV in Asia and the Pacific. Our goals are to improve the well-being of the key affected communities in the region through increased investment, coverage and quality of sexual health services and human rights protection. 
Started in 2014, TestBKK is a pilot and Bangkok-based campaign of TestXXX, APCOM’s flagship regional sexual health campaign targeting young gay men in Asia-Pacific cities with high HIV prevalence among gay men and other men who have sex men (MSM) demography. TestBKK aims to increase the HIV prevention, support and care service uptakes, while also empower young Thai gay men to exercise their sexual health and rights. By the end of 2017, TestBKK has contributed to more than 14,000 HIV service uptakes, such as HIV and STI testing, PrEP1 initiation, and ART2 retention, by young MSM in Bangkok. Currently, TestBKK has more than 60,000 Facebook Page follower, 38,000 YouTube channel subscribers and 9,000 monthly website visitors. 
TestBKK is also the co-creator of the viral gay webseries GAYOK BANGKOK that is currently available on testBKK’s YouTube Channel ( and LINE TV (http:// Run for two seasons, GAYOK BANGKOK follows fictional gay characters that represent different ages, body types, gender expression, and HIV status. The series provides a realistic and diverse portrayal of gay individuals of Bangkok, while showcasing multiple HIV knowledge, from HIV risk to the importance of regular testing to PrEP awareness. 
The photographer consultant, as an individual or as a team, is/are expected to take photograph and provide a set of high-res images that will be used as key visual(s) for testBKK’s new digital and print campaign to encourage young Thai gay men to visit TestBKK’s website ( and/or reserve HIV testing through TestBKK’s online booking platform ( These images will be used for testBKK’s ad campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads and other marketing channels such as print ads on magazine and digital ads on gay dating apps like Hornet and Grindr. 
The talents used as the models for the images should be consisting at least five Thai gay social influencers, including at least three actors from GayOK Bangkok webseries. 
The following outputs are expected from the assignment. 
a) Post-edited solo beauty/clean head shot with plain/white/no-noise background (min. 3 items for each talent) – total: 15 photos 
b) Post-edited solo full length body shot with plain/white/no-noise background (min. 3 items for each talent, including a pose in which the talent interacts with a           
    smartphone, portraying a situation of booking the test online via his smartphone) – total: 15 photos 
c) Post-edited group editorial/creative photos within a landscape orientation (min. 5 items, including a group pose in which one or more of the talent(s) interacts with       
    smartphone(s), portraying a situation of booking the test online via his/their smartphone) 
d) Behind-the-scene imageries (raw file, min. 30 items) 
e) Raw files of the taken photographs 
f) Consent forms or contracts from the models stating that their images can be used by APCOM for testBKK’s campaign purpose for at least 2 years after the signing 
   date of the consent forms/contracts 
Minimum resolution of each photo should be 300 dpi at 2000 x 3000 pixels. The format for post-edited images should be JPEG. 
All of the images should be stored in a hard drive or thumbdrive that will belong as APCOM’s property at the end of the assignment. 
In delivering the expected deliverables, the Consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks: 
• prepare/outsource his/her/their own photography equipment and other tools needed to take and edit the photographs
• prepare/outsorce his/her/their own photography crew to conduct the assignment 
• scout and rent photography location/studio/set 
• scout and hire the models for the photography, which at least consist of three actors from GAYOK BANGKOK webseries and two self-identified Thai gay social influencers who have a minimum of 50,000 followers on his Instagram account or Facebook Fan Page.
    o  APCOM will provide list of contact details of potential GAYOK BANGKOK casts and gay social influencers to be approached and hired 
    o  In the case of Consultant unable to hire three GAYOK Bangkok actors within a timely manner, the Consultant should provide the justification of the negligence to     
        APCOM and find other Thai gay social influencer(s) - with the same abovementioned criteria - as the replacement(s) 
Once all of the models are scouted and agreed to partake in the photography session, separate invoices from the model should be sent to APCOM 
• provide APCOM with the breakdown of the total budget needed for the assignment (including the fee to hire the models) prior to the D-day of the photography session 
• prepare consent form or contract for the models so that the models can sign it to acknowledge that their images can be used by APCOM for testBKK’s campaign     
  purpose for at least 3 years after the signing date of the consent form/contract 
• provide a sketch/concept for DELIVERABLE (C) to APCOM and discuss/revise the sketch/concept until a consensus between the Consultant and APCOM is reached 
• provide the wardrobe, styling and make up for the models 
• provide the props that will be used by the models 
• allow APCOM staff to be present in the set/studio during the photography session(s) 
• direct and take the photographs with all of the models 
• edit the raw photographs (enhance, retouch, resize the photographs using airbrushing and other techniques) into desired post-edited images 
• store all of the post-edited and raw images in hard drive(s) or thumb drive(s) (storing the images in DVD is not allowed) and send it to APCOM 
The fees will be paid to the Consultant as per below batches: 
• First payment: 50% of the total budget upon the signing of the Contract by both parties 
• Second payment: 50% of the total budget upon satisfactory submissions of the all of deliverables and the invoices of the models 
The followings are the desired background and experience for candidate who would like to take on the assignment – as individual or as a team: 
• 2 to 4 years experience in photography 
• high level of creativity and initiative 
• previous experience in taking photos of male models 
• strong communication skills with at least moderate level in written and spoken English 
To apply for this position, the candidate should submit the following documents to APCOM at 
a) CV (for individual applicant) or company resume (for team/firm applicant) 
b) web/URL address or PDF attachment showing previous relevant works samples 
c) proposal stating how many days needed to finish the assignment from the start until the submission of the deliverables 
d) proposal stating the fee to cover the assignment from the start until the finish (EXCLUDING the fee to hire the models) o the figure for this fee should be absolute 
e) proposal stating the fee to hire the models o the figure for this fee can be given in a range For questions or enquiries for the position, please contact APCOM’s HR 
    Officer Rangsit Sanguansak at

Contact :