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IOM: Project Evaluator


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Date : 4 Jun 2014
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Position Title                                     Project Evaluator

Organizational Unit                        Labour Migration & Counter Trafficking Programme

Duty Station                                       Bangkok, Thailand

Classification                                     All-inclusive consultancy fee of THB 225,000

Type of Appointment                    Consultancy Contract            

Closing Date                                      16 June 2014

Reference Code                                               THVN No.025/2014        


Minority groups from Myanmar face particular difficulties when attempting to access social

and health services both in Myanmar and Thailand. In Thailand, these difficulties arise from socio linguistic and cultural barriers, as well as the irregular legal status of the majority of this population. Moreover, a lack of socially and culturally-sensitive services offered to minority groups from Myanmar has made this population uncomfortable and unwilling to access the limited services on offer to them. For many, their living standards are low, their nutrition is poor and poor sanitation has led to related health problems. Many children from the families of minority groups from Myanmar have dropped out of school to become street children in an attempt to bolster family incomes. Additionally, female migrants of minority groups from Myanmar have often become victims of gender-based violence in their families, resulting in mental and physical health problems. Moreover, minority groups from Myanmar engaging in irregular migration are more vulnerable to risks such as physical and mental abuse, harassment, exploitation and trafficking. To reduce the vulnerabilities of people of minority groups from Myanmar, IOM, with generous funding from Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIBP), began the project “Reducing the vulnerabilities of minority groups from Myanmar through community outreach and increasing their access to social and health services” in September 2010 in migrant communities in Mae Sot District, Tak Province. Currently, the project is in Phase IV with geographical coverage in both Mae Sot District of Tak Province and three districts in Ranong Province. In Phase IV, the project aims to increase the capacity of already-established community committees to promote harmonious co-existence and protection of vulnerable minorities from Myanmar; establish the institutionalization and local ownership of community resources centers (CRCs) through community participation; strengthen communities of vulnerable minorities from Myanmar through capacity building for youth agents of development, support for environmental health and water, sanitation and hygiene activities, and reducing women’s vulnerabilities through women’s empowerment; and provide short-term humanitarian aid to reduce vulnerabilities of displaced persons upon arrival, including direct assistance, as well as awareness raising and capacity building activities focused on the relevant local actors to build their understanding of the needs and challenges faced by this marginalized and displaced group. 

Objectives of the evaluation

The evaluation has two primary overall objectives: (1) to assess whether the project

interventions have produced demonstrable results in achieving its goals and expected outcomes and (2) to provide key inputs for the development of the future interventions. The evaluation will take place after most project activities have been carried out. The evaluation will be shared with the donor as part of the overall monitoring and evaluation of the project. The specific objectives of the evaluation will be to assess and apply five evaluative criteria, specifically the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact of the project. Accordingly, the evaluation will assess:

To assess the relevance of the overall strategy of the project

To evaluate whether the planned and unplanned results and outcomes of the 3rd and 4th phases of the project contribute to the overall project objectives

To analyze the extent to which the relationship between resource use and results is reasonable.

To analyze the short-and long-term direct and indirect consequences of the project on strengthened cooperation of local stakeholders and migrants in protecting migrant rights and promoting peaceful, harmonious co-existence between migrants and local Thai people.

To assess the extent to which the results and outcomes initiated by the project can be sustained beyond the period of the project life.    


Desk review

In-depth interviews/focus group discussions with relevant stakeholders/migrants as well as observation of IOM activities.

Scope of the work

Review the project document, needs assessment report, progress reports, meeting/training/activity reports in coordination with Labour Migration & Counter Trafficking Programme Coordinator and project staff.

Organize and conduct a field work in Tak and Ranong Provinces to collect primary data.

Prepare the final project evaluation and recommendations report in English language. The evaluation report must include the comparison of the baseline data collected at the outset of the project and impact/changes made after the implementation. 

Tangible and measurable output of the work assignment:

An evaluation report in English language that include: (i) Executive summary; (ii) project background; (iii) evaluation background  and methodologies; (iv) an overview of the project implementation; (v) achievements against expected outcomes/results, (vi) sustainability of the achievements; (vii) good practices and lessons learnt of the project implementation; (viii) conclusion and recommendations for future actions. The report should not exceed 30 pages, excluding annexes.   

A verbal presentation and explanation of results will be made by the evaluator to the project manager in Bangkok, if this request is made within one month of receiving the written report.

Realistic delivery dates and details as to how the work must be delivered:


Tasks to be performed

1-15 September 2014

First meeting with IOM in Bangkok

Desk review

Presentation of the outline of the report and field itinerary to IOM for review and approval.

Development and submission of evaluation tools (e.g. questions for interviews/focus group discussions) to IOM for review and approval.

16 September 2014

Submit the revised data collection tools as per IOM’s comments

22 September – 5 October 2014

Data collection in Ranong and Tak Provinces (approximately 7 days in Ranong and approximately 7 days in Mae Sot) as follows:

Interviews/focus group discussions

Observance of the project activities listed on Section 3 of this TOR

6-23 October 2014

Data analysis and report writing

24 October 2014

Submission and presentation of the first draft of the evaluation report to IOM in Bangkok

30 October – 5 November 2014

Revision of the draft report as per IOM’s comments

10 November 2014

Submission of the final evaluation report to IOM for review


The evaluator will receive a total fee of THB 225,000. The evaluator’s fee will be paid upon IOM’s approval of the completed tasks. The evaluator’s fee includes: evaluation and report-making fee, analysis of the findings/results of the interviews/focus group discussions, accommodation, travel costs from/to his/her residence to Tak and Ranong Provinces and Bangkok, daily allowance, preparation and production of all the evaluation tools. IOM will be responsible for the costs listed as follows:

Provision of Thai-Burmese/Thai-English interpretation for relevant itinerary including field interviews, focus group discussions, and observation of the project activities.

Travel arrangements in the field trip in Tak and Ranong Provinces according to the field itinerary approved by IOM. 

The fee will be paid in three instalments as follows:

THB 55,000 after the submission of the outline of the evaluation report and data collection tools to IOM

THB 85,000  after the submission of the first draft evaluation report to IOM

THB 85,000 after the submission of the final evaluation report to IOM 

Ethical considerations

The evaluation shall be conducted independently and impartially. The findings of the evaluation, especially from key stakeholders and beneficiaries, shall be treated confidentially. The IOM’s project staff in Bangkok and Field Office will provide the close cooperation and coordination with the external evaluator throughout his/her evaluation process in a transparent and friendly manner.

Requirements for qualification and experience

Master degree in social science or related fields;

At least 4 years of experience in project monitoring and evaluation;

Analysis and report writing skills;

Excellent English language report writing skills;

Professional experience in development work related to anti-human trafficking and migration;

                     preferably in the area of Myanmar migrants;

Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive information with discretion and professionalism;

Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines;

Competence in Windows-based computer applications;

Fluency in English; oral and written Thai and/or Myanmar language skills also an advantage.


Documents to be included when submitting the proposals to IOM

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications. The short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview with the selection committee.


Cover Letter: Explaining why they are the most suitable candidates for the work

Personal CV including past experiences in project monitoring and evaluation as well as relevant fields

Sample of written project evaluation report


Evaluation of the submitted proposals


The award of the consultancy contract will be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:



Total score (100 points)

Knowledge and work experience in project monitoring and evaluation

30 points

Knowledge and work experience in migration or relevant fields

30 points

Relevant academic qualifications

20 points

Writing skills

20 points

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit a cover letter and CV along with a duly completed IOM Personal History Form (which may be downloaded from to the IOM Bangkok Human Resources Unit via e-mail at  by 16 June 2014. Kindly indicate the reference code THVN No.025/2014 followed by your full name in the subject line.

Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Contact :