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1) Executive Assistant (ผู้ช่วยผู้อำนวยการ) 2) Administrative Assistant (ผู้ช่วยฝ่ายสำนักงาน) 3) Communication Specialist (เจ้าหน้าที่สื่อสารองค์กร) 4) Legal Status Documentation Program Caseworker (เจ้าหน้าที่งานสถานะบุคคล)


Organization : International Justice Mission (Chaing Mai Office)
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 17 Apr 2018
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Deadline : May 13, 2018 / /

Job Vacancy: International Justice Mission (IJM)  


The Mission:


International Justice Mission (IJM) is a human rights organization that works with local authorities to help people who are victims of injustice and oppression.  The agency utilizes a holistic approach to cases of injustice, by mobilizing interventions on behalf of victims, establishing aftercare for the victims, and driving maximum-impact, long term change through justice system transformation. IJM Chiang Mai has two casework focuses – citizenship rights and child sexual assault. The field office assists ethnic minority groups in Thailand by helping them attain their citizenship through legal pathways. IJM Chiang Mai is expanding its citizenship project to include focusing on training for government officials and mobilizing of hill tribe communities. The program will also use media campaigns to build public demands for justice in citizenship cases.


International Justice Mission Chiang Mai is looking for talented and driven individuals to fill the following vacant positions. These positions are based in the field office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A resume, cover letter, four references, and statement of faith are required for each position. Listed below are critical requirements for each position. More detailed job descriptions for each position is available on request at Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you. Closing date for applications is May 13, 2018.


General Description: The Executive Assistant will work closely with the Field Office Director (FOD) to monitor the office’s progress to meet annual targets and budgets. This individual will provide administrative support and assist the FOD in day-to-day operations. Responsibilities include: preparing for meetings; taking minutes at meetings to track tasks and assignments; completing administrative documentation for the FOD; tracking deadlines on key projects and action items for the FOD; assisting in writing, reviewing, editing and submitting communications and reports; making travel arrangements; serving as a point of contact for requests from HQ including visits and trainings; and working with the Administration team on all logistics regarding visits. Critical qualities include: organized and attention to detail; excellent interpersonal and multi-tasking skills; self-motivated; ability to problem-solve creatively; flexible; professional demeanor; strong ethic of service; a passion for IJM’s mission; and an effective team-player.


General Description: The Administrative Assistant will work closely with the Administrative and Human Resource Manager to help support the human resources and administrative activities of the Field Office. Responsibilities include: providing administrative and receptionist support; managing incoming and outgoing documents and office filing systems; supervising contractors and technicians; arranging travel and hotel reservations for staff; day-to-day administrative work to support the operations of the office; maintaining the condition of assets and managing the minor purchases of administrative assets and equipment; keeping track of staff attendance and leave balances; preparing PRF for recurring expenses; delivering check payments to vendor; and performing other task as assigned by the Administrative Manager. Critical qualities include: ability to multi-task; excellent interpersonal skills; fluency in oral and written communication in Thai and preferably English; ability to use Windows and MS Office; professional presentation in demeanor; creative and energetic problem-solver; and disciplined with priorities and a great ability to work well under pressure.


General Description: The Communication Specialist, shall work closely with the Field Office Director and System Reform Program Director, to cover events, on site and off site, to report stories, people, and incidents relevant to the Chiang Mai field office. Highlight the issues of both Citizenship and Child Sexual Assaults. Secure and manage key relationships with media power actors. Drafts and customize stories about IJM’s casework for various audience. Monitor news, maintain an IJM media contact database. Regularly update IJM media metrics (article rating, broadcast, hits, etc.) to determine shifts and advances in the media opinion.   Engage with media, develop and oversee media training. Serve as the spokesperson for IJM to journalists, editors and other media related audiences. Work with IJM headquarters in Washington D.C. and ensure all media interactions are conducted in line with IJM’s professionalism and policies. Carry out additional assignments at the Director’s request. Critical qualities include: self-starter, professional demeanor, strong interpersonal communications skill, disciplined with priorities and works under deadlines, team-player, as well as evident passion to help people suffering injustice and oppression.


General Description: The Legal Status Documentation Field (LSDP) Caseworker shall, under the direction of the System Reform Manager, be responsible for supporting the legal status documentation casework of the office by assisting eligible individuals from ethnic minority groups in obtaining Thai citizenship. The Field Operative will assist in the citizenship process through client interviews, case referrals, application review, and follow-up with government officials. Responsibilities also include building and managing relationships with government and non-government organizations, advocacy initiatives for ethnic minority groups, as well as capacity-building through educating clients and community leaders on the citizenship process. Critical qualities include: professional demeanor, team-player, as well as evident passion to help people suffering injustice and oppression.

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