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Consultant OOSC Research Coordinator


Organization : Save the Children International
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 21 Nov 2017
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Deadline : 5 / December / 2017

Terms of Reference for Consultant

OOSC Research Coordinator


Save the Children has been operating programs in Thailand for more than 25 years, with a particular focus on child protection, disaster risk reduction, child safety for survival, and education. The Reaching Education for All Children in Thailand (REACT) project aims to ensure migrant children have access to quality education and communities support children’s learning.

Recent research by Save the Children, other organizations and academics has repeatedly found that one of the key barriers to increasing access to education for migrant children is a lack of accurate data on the numbers of children, their needs and whereabouts. While there are some broad estimates of migrant OOSC at the national level, varying between 100-300,000, these figures are far from precise and give no indication of provincial, district or school level data. If appropriate strategies for over-coming fear and mistrust are developed, community and household surveys will also be more effective in capturing more marginalized populations such as unregistered migrants who are not always visible in government data systems. Furthermore, if conducted in in an effective way community or household surveys can be important strategy in raising awareness and mobilizing stakeholders around the issue of OOSC. For example, if schools are involved in the process they will be much more sensitive to the issue of OOSC and their needs, and if parents or community leaders are involved they may become more aware of their role in promoting education and of the opportunities available.

Consultancy Description

The goal of the consultancy is to provide local advice and guidance for the Out-Of-School Children (OOSC) study in Ranong Province. The aim of the OOSC study in Ranong is to expand evidence-based cost-effective methods for community surveys on OOSC and their needs.

The key research questions underpinning the consultancy are:

Goal 1) Methodology

  1. What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different methods of identifying OOSC? (secondary data, household data, community data).
  2. What are the best methods for over-coming particular barriers associated with collecting data on migrant OOSC? (mistrust, fear, mobility of populations)
  3. What are the costs implications of the different models?
  4. What is the most viable and cost effective model for scaling up efforts to identify migrant OOSC?

Goal 2) Expansion of data:

  1. How many migrant OOSC are there in target areas?
  2. What are the profiles, needs and interests of OOSC? (gender, age, schooling, work status, interests in education etc.)
  3. To what extent has existing government data been capturing the numbers and needs of OOSC? (education, health, population, labour data sources).
  4. Given the current government structures, policies, budget and priorities, what are the specific steps and recommendations for scaling-up efforts to identify migrant OOSC across Thailand?

Goal 3)

  1. What are the key barriers perceived by OOSC to education access?

      10. What is the relationship between government migration and national security policies and OOSC access to education? 

Objectives and Deliverables       

The consultant will deliver on the following objectives:


Key Actions



Research design and sampling plan

In collaboration with SCI Thailand, the OOSC Research Advisor develop the research design and sampling plan for primary data collection for one chosen district in Ranong province;

Research design, including the sampling plan;

Research methodology and tools

Lead a participatory process to finalize the primary data collection research methodology and survey tools;

Research methodology and survey;

Enumerator recruitment

In collaboration with SCI Thailand and the OOSC Research Advisor ensure recruitment of a team of local enumerators aged 18 and above;

Record of enumerator team;

Enumerator training

Organize and implement a five (5) day enumerator training that includes: overview of the OOSC study, clear administration guidelines, ethical protocols for informed consent, child safeguarding, and piloting and refinement of survey tools with migrant children.

Agenda, pictures, brief report including successes and challenges;

Manage field research

Coordinate field research: including organizing enumerators into teams, ensuring they have the necessary supplies and transportation, ensuring enumerators are safe, managing payments for enumerators and schedule of field research.

Execution of the research design and sampling plan – the agreed number of surveys are completed with consistent administration;

Regular meetings

Participation in regular meetings related to the OOSC research study

Progress reports/updates


The consultant will report to Kaewta Sangsuk

Time frame

December to 31 May 2018.


The applicant is requested to submit the proposal, work plan, and detailed budget (including number of days required and estimated cost per day) with their application. The financial competitiveness of application will be considered in the selection process. All costs associated with delivery must be included, SCI will not pay for travel, per diem, translation, supplies, or any additional staff support time needed.


  1. Experience on the required job for at least 3 years, please provide a CV(s)
  2. Thai nationality
  3. Proven experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research
  4. Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines
  5. Proven experience in coordination and management
  6. Language proficiencies required include: Thai

 Closing date for submissions:   5 December 2017

Please indicate in the subject as “Apply for Consultant OOSC Research Coordinator_(Name of candidate)”

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

“We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.”

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