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Project Assistant – Pangolin


Organization : The Zoological Society of London
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 8 Nov 2017
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Deadline : 21 / November / 2017

Job Description

Project Assistant – Pangolin

The key purpose of the job

The key purpose of this Thailand-based position is to provide assistance to the Pangolin Project to implement ongoing project activities. This will primarily consist of work planning, data collection in the field, supervision of field teams, data entry and analysis, equipment management, and contributions to reports. The Project assistant will work on project in the south-eastern WEFCOM , Kanchanaburi province.

Responsibility for resources:


During field work this person may be responsible for coordinating field teams, including DNP staff, for field work.


The project Assistant will share responsibility for management of equipment assigned to the pangolin Project, including but not limited to camera traps, field equipment and vehicles assigned to the team for field work.

            Financial resources

This Project Assistant will be responsible for assisting to prepare budgets for project activities, including field work, as needed. This person does not make budget allocation decisions.


                        In carrying out duties of this post, the Project assistant may encounter confidential

Documents and be privy to sensitive information relating to donors, ZSL strategy, and project Partners and therefore will be required to maintain confidentiality at all times.


Main duties and key responsibilities


Works with Project Manager and other ZSL staff, such as the Project Officer, to conduct pangolin surveys in a systematic, scientific and professional manner

Works with Project Manager and other ZSL staff, Such as the Project Officer, Conduct community questionnaire surveys in the study area

Works with other Pangolin Project to compile, enter, manage and analyse data

Develop and maintain effective working relationships with ZSL staff, government staff and community partners

Clean, maintain and keep an accurate inventory of all field equipment assigned to Pangolin Projects

Improve knowledge of and practice use of English language in the office and field environment

Attend training courses as assigned and assist with the development of ZSL facilitated trainings

If not covered in main duties and responsibilities above, please make sure that these questions are addressed under the following headings

Building relationships

The Project Assistant must have beginner level leadership skills. The applicant must be able to maintain to a good working relationships with all ZSL staff, particularly the Project Manager, Project Officer and government staff

Mental Demands

The Project Assistant must be able to make informed and logical decisions in the field regarding field activities and logistics. Post holder must be able to modify existing plans to match field conditions whilst still achieving activities objectives

The Project Assistant must be able resolve minor conflicts within Pangolin Project team and to a lesser extent with government staff

Post holder must have outstanding attention to detail for work assigned


Post holder must be flexible enough to adapt at a moment’s notice. The post holder must also be willing to crossover and assist on other projects as needed

Working Conditions

This Project Assistant is primarily office based in Kanchanaburi but will require extensive work outdoors with direct exposure to the weather and other environmental variables

 Expectations of job holder

            To ensure that the policy for equality of opportunity to promote in all aspects

 The post holder’s work

To ensure effective quality control and continuous improvement in all aspects of the work and 

            responsibilities attached to this post

            To demonstrate professionalism towards sensitive and confidential information

            To comply with and promote health and safety policies and procedures and to undertake

            recommended health and safety training as and when necessary

To be committed to professional self-development, through participation in in-service training as necessary for the successful carrying out of the job

            To undertake such other duties as are commensurate with the grade of the post

NB: this job description is designed to outline a range of main duties that may be encountered. List is not designed to be an exhaustive list of tasks and can be varied in consultation with post holder in order to reflect changes in the job or the organisation.

Qualifications & Experience

            At least a BSc in a relevant area or equivalent experience.

            Experience conducting/leading extend field studies


            An understanding of wildlife survey techniques.

            Knowledge of Thai forest ecology.

            An understanding of the current challenges facing pangolin conservation in Thailand

            An understanding of policies of the department of national parks.

Skills & Abilities

The Project Assistant must be able to work/lead a field team to accomplish project goals and objectives. The successful candidate must also be able to work independently to plan survey trips, as well as record and analyse data.

The Project Assistant must also have:

            Intermediate skills in using MS Office Packages, specifically word, Excel and Power point

            An ability to manage competing priorities and delegate effectively is essential

            Basic skills in using GIS software (ArcGis and/or QGis), to create maps will be considered Favourably    

            Basic navigation skills (map reading and use of GPS device)

            Any degree of English language skills will be considered favourably

Other Requirements

The Project Assistant must have the ability to travel, have a current and valid driving licence, be willing to work outside of normal office hours (e.g.  on weekends) and in the field for extended periods of time.

Applicants will need to send their CV and a cover letter detailing relevant experience and skills, stating why they want the position, and include details of availability.  Please send to by midnight (GMT+7) on 21 November 2017


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