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Consultant to undertake Participatory Action Research for LEAP Project in Deep South of Thailand


Organization : Save the Children International
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 16 Oct 2017
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Deadline : 29 / October / 2017

  1. Background

Over the last 10 years, the Deep South region in Thailand has experienced increasing levels of violence originating from a separatist insurgency with over 6,000 people killed, mostly civilians including 120 children. Schools and teachers have been specifically targeted by armed groups, education has been disrupted and children severely impacted by the violence they have witnessed and experienced. Investment by the Thai government in public services and other external aid have been lacking for many years, and working in this challenging context, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) struggle to develop and effectively represent the communities they serve.

The Local Empowerment to Advocate for Peace (LEAP) project, is funded by the European Commission and implemented in the Deep South of Thailand,  supports CSOs to contribute towards reinforced governance and accountability through inclusive policy-making, by empowering citizens and populations to voice and structure their demands to tackle injustice and inequality. The LEAP project aims to strengthen the organizational and technical capacity of CSOs in the South, enhance the evidence base and participation of children in constructive dialogue, and ensure that together with local authorities (LAs), CSOs actively, appropriately and safely engage children and youth in advocating for the protection of children. CSOs in the project have received training on child participation and are familiar with the participatory concepts of consultation and collaboration with children and of child – led action.  The project promotes an enabling environment for Thai CSOs as actors in governance and public accountability, and as essential bodies to reinforce progress towards peaceful social cohesion, conflict reconciliation and stable society in the Deep South of Thailand.

  1. Objectives of this consultancy

Save the Children Thailand intends to conduct a Participatory Action Research within LEAP  to support the aim of the project which is to cultivate peace in the region.  The research will gather views of children, their experiences and evidence of the impact that the conflict has on their development, their well-being and education. The findings will contribute to the CSO advocacy plan under LEAP.  Initiative for the project activity.

The Participatory Action Research (PAR) will respond to the following research questions:

  1. Research Methodology:

A participatory methodology is a must, in carrying out the research; 

-    Consultants to prepare and plan with CSOs to meet with key stakeholders in their communities, to inform parents, communities and local authorities of the planned research 

-    Consultants to provide support and supervision to CSOs in carrying out a series of interviews and focus group discussions with young people themselves, aged 12-17,  (including disabled girls, boys and LGBTQ children) on their views and experiences of the impact of conflict on children and youth.  This supervision will consist of visits to the field to observe CSOs activities and coach them on the participatory action research

-    Focus group discussions with parents with reference to the impact of conflict on children and youth

-    Focus group discussions with CSOs collaborating under LEAP and relevant local authority representatives, and other persons that Save the Children or the researcher deems necessary;

  1. Timeline:

The consultant will be required to dedicate an estimated 25 days’ time to the research during November 2017 and January 2018, subject to the requirements and agreements with Save the Children.

  1. Key Activities and deliverables




Inception report (English)

- Mapping of available data and plan for data collection

- Draft of research framework

- Draft of data collection tools, aligned to ethical research principles and with the different

5 days after confirmation of contract

Desk review process: Save the Children will review and approve the Inception report within 5 working days

- Submission of finalized Inception report, agreement on tools and planning with project team (English)

- Child safeguarding training of consultants

November 13, 17


Research carried out with representatives of parents, community leaders, CSOs and local authorities

November 20-24, 17


Research carried out with youth groups and  children

November 25-30, 17


Collation and analysis of research findings

December 1-15, 17


Presentation of report to initial findings to Save the Children, children themselves, their parents and CSOs – for consultation and feedback 

December 18, 17


Presentation file shared with Save the Children at least 3 days prior to the presentation

Share presentation by December 14, 17


First draft of participatory action research

December 25, 17

Save the Children will provide comments within 5 working days

Final draft of participatory action research

- Summary research (1-2 page in English and Thai) in infographic format

- Full research (30 pages maximum excluding appendices) in English and Thai

- Advocacy strategy recommendations

January 9, 18


  1. Management of consultancy

The consultant will report to the Senior Field Coordinator. Additional technical advice will be provided by Child Protection Specialist. Save the Children should approve all plans and documents developed by the consultant. 

  1. Consultancy Budget

The consultant is requested to submit the research proposal and detailed budget with their application letter. The financial competitiveness of the fee will be considered in the selection process. Costs involved in the research, such as translation, materials, travel and taxes, should be included in the detailed budget.

  1. Submissions for the consultancy

The submission must address the terms of reference and include:

Consultant’s Qualifications and Profile



 Ethical issues

Every data gathering exercise involving children and vulnerable communities is theme or context specific therefore you must review all ethical considerations before undertaking a new activity.

Whenever we conduct research with children in particular, their well-being must be our top priority. The research question is always of secondary importance. This means that if a choice must be made between doing harm to a participant and doing harm to the research, it is the research that is sacrificed.

Annex 1: List of partner organization and sub-grantees:

  1. Foundation of Child Development (FCD)
  2. Deep South Journalism School (DSJ)
  3. Nusantara Foundation For Human Rights and Development (Nusantara)
  4. Saiburi Looker
  5. PANWONGDAERN Arts and Literature Association
  6. Association of Children and Youth for the Peace in the Southernmost Provinces of  Thailand     
  7. Deep south Coordination Centre Princess of Naradhiwas University
  8. Prince of Songkla University Alumni Association Volunteer
  9. The Organization of Narathiwat Civil Society Network (ONCSN)
  10. Deep South Relief and Recociliation Foundation (DSRR)

Closing date for submissions:  29 October 2017

Please indicate in the subject as “Apply for Consultant to undertake Participatory Action Research for LEAP Project in Deep South_(Name of candidate)”

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

“We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.”

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