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Consultant for Baseline Assessment for the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) Project in Southern Thailand (Revision Scope of Work)


Organization : Save the Children International
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 1 Sep 2017
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Deadline : 12 / September / 2017

Terms of Reference

(Revision Scope of Work)

Baseline Assessment for the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) Project in Southern Thailand


Save the Children in Thailand, in collaboration with local partner - Luuk Rieng and Foundation for Children with Disabilities, has been implementing a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) project called “DRR and Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) in the Deep South of Thailand”, funded by USAID/OFDA (Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance), since 2015. The second phase of the project is commencing, and will be implemented in 36 schools across Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat Provinces:  continuing in the 12 schools who were supported in phase one of the project, and adding 24 new schools in this area. The exact districts/tambons/villages where the project will be implemented is being decided together with ESAOs in the inception phase of the project. The project also includes a strong focus on Disability-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR), and an implementing model was developed with the Yala Inclusive Education Center which will be rolled out to five more Inclusive Education Centers and special schools  in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

This project aims 1) to improve the knowledge and skills of schools staff, students and local communities in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and the Comprehensive School Safety Framework (CSSF), including disability inclusive DRR, in the southern provinces of Thailand and, 2) to actively engage local and national DRR network and community stakeholders in the development of sustainable and child friendly comprehensive school safety plans and measures and 3) to develop, pilot and test the Child friendly DRR education program and learning materials including for children with disabilities for potential national scale-up.

Save the Children works closely with government agencies in both the disaster management and education sectors. At provincial level, Save the Children works with DDPM and ESAOs to build the capacity of educators and school teachers in facilitating child-friendly activities to raise awareness on DRR. At national level, Save the Children works with other NGOs to advocate with the DDPM and OBEC, MoE for better DRR in the education sector. Save the Children is an active member of the Thailand School Safety Network, which shares information and coordinates NGO joint-activities to mainstreaming DRR into policy and planning process.

The purpose of this consultancy

Save the Children will hire consultant (team or individual) to conduct a baseline assessment for the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Comprehensive School Safety in the Deep South of Thailand and Nakhon Si Thammarat project. Specifically the consultant will:

  1. Analyze the existing knowledge and tools on DiDRR in local context and complementary consultations with local stakeholders and beneficiaries at school and community levels;
  2. Data Analysis and draft the report on KAP Baseline of the selected schools (including Inclusive Education Centers) using the Comprehensive School Safety Framework to identify the enabling factors related to school safety and DiDRR issues;
  3. Conduct comprehensive stakeholder and decision-maker analysis (local, district and provincial level) in both project locations;
  1. Scope of this consultancy:


A consultant will be hired to conduct the baseline assessment. The following is the outline of a suggested process, however it would be expected that this would be further refined by the consultant. The baseline assessment shall be undertaken based on the Save the Children International requirements and must be in line with Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding Policy.

Preparatory work:

Field Work:

 Data Processing, Analysis and Reporting:

  1. Timeframe

The consultant will be required to dedicate an estimated 20 days’ time to this consultancy work during September-November period, subject to the requirements and agreements with Save the Children.

  1. Schedule and deliverables




Inception report and work plan (2 days)

-     Draft of assessment framework

-     Draft of assessment tools

-     Briefing session with Save the Children’s DRR Specialist, DRR Project Coordinator and MEAL Officer

5 days after confirmation of contract

Desk review process: Save the Children will review and approve the Inception report within 3 working days

Submission of Inception report and planning

By 18th September 2017


Field visits and stakeholder consultations (schools, local authorities and key stakeholders at provincial level) (10 days)

18th - 30th September 2017


Presentations of preliminary findings to Save the Children (1 day)

-          Presentation file shared with Save the Children at least 3 days prior to the presentation

10th October 2017


First draft of reports with recommendations in English (3 days)

31th October 2017

Save the Children will provide comments within 5 working days

Final draft of reports (4 days)

-          Evaluation summary report (1-2 page in English

-          Full report (25 pages maximum excluding appendices) in English and Thai

15th November 2017


Thai translation to be submitted within 7 working days after submission of final report in English


All materials collected in the undertaking of the consultancy process should be shared with the MEAL team focal point prior to the termination of the contract. Note that all deliverables will be reviewed and must be approved by the Save the Children MEAL Officer, DRR Project Coordinator, and Child Safety & DRR Specialist.

  1. Timeframe & Scope

The consultancy service period for the whole assignment is 20 working days, between Sept-Nov 2017.

  1. Consultant qualifications and profile
  1. Management of consultancy
  1. Consultancy Budget

The consultant is requested to submit the proposal and detailed budget with their application letter. The financial competitiveness of the fee will be considered in the selection process. Costs involved in the assessment such as materials and travel, will be covered by Save the Children.

Submissions for the consultancy

The submission must address the terms of reference and include:

Annex I: Logical Framework

Annex II: CSS Framework and Tool:


Close date for submissions: 12th September  2017

Submissions should be addressed to:

Please indicate in the subject as “Apply Consultant for Baseline Assessment for the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Comprehensive School Safety (CSS)_(Name of candidate)”

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


“We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from a

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