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Consultant/ Service Contract on SEAS Market Scan in Rayong


Organization : Plan International
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 29 Aug 2017
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Deadline : 28 / September / 2017

Terms of Reference


Consultant/ Service Contract on SEAS Market Scan in Rayong


  1. Introduction

Plan International is currently implementing the Stopping Exploitation through Accessible Services (SEAS of Change) project through the support of Plan International Sweden, Plan International USA, Plan International Finland, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Kesko Corporation and The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation.

SEAS of Change looks at critical entry points along the fishing supply chain to develop a multi-pronged approach to fortify it against exploitation and abuse. It envisions a fishing industry that is free from hazardous exploitative child labor and offers decent work opportunities for all, particularly migrant populations.

Following a ‘net-to-napkin’ approach, interventions occur from source communities in Cambodia and destination communities in Thailand, to corporate engagements with retailers in consumer countries like Sweden and Finland, intermediary buyers, suppliers and brokers to promote transparency and accountability down the supply chain. Project activities aim to improve outcomes in education, livelihood, social protection and supply chain engagement.

Due to the wide scope of the project, SEAS involves Plan International Thailand, Plan International Cambodia, Plan International Asia Regional Office, Plan International Finland and Plan International Sweden.

  1. Background


To improve outcomes in livelihood, Plan International intends to offer alternative decent work opportunities to young migrants, especially young parents and young women, in the project’s target communities in Rayong and Trat.


Plan International envisions a market scan research to be conducted to facilitate a thorough understanding of the opportunities, gaps and challenges in the local market, prevailing gender dynamics and ICT trends, as well as personal preferences of various targeted beneficiaries. The findings from this research is expected to inform the design and delivery of the project’s livelihood interventions in Thailand.


The market scan is a 7-step methodology that has been developed into an online tool to help staff and other practitioners better understand the market trends, youth preferences, and opportunities in targeted areas. The online tool has been widely promoted within Plan International to complement the design and implementation of youth employment/livelihood programs.


III. Objectives of the Position:


The consultant/team of consultants will conduct a market scan to identify decent job opportunities for migrant youth workers in the fishing industry in Rayong province. The findings of this study will be used for developing the training curriculum and other livelihood interventions for the target beneficiaries.


  1. Tasks:


The consultant/s will:



The market scan process should involve questionnaire survey and key informant interviews in Rayong’s Muang district.




The consultant/s will take the role of the principal researcher and work closely with the Project Manager and Coordinators of the SEAS of Change project. The consultant will also work with and provide capacity building for a team of three research assistants. One of the three may be proposed by the consultant, while another two will be youth representatives from Plan International Thailand’s local civil society partners.


This process will involve questionnaire survey for a maximum period of two [2] weeks. The consultant may nominate his/her own enumerator team of up to six [6] people. Otherwise, Plan International Thailand and its partners will recruit enumerators for this process.


  1. Deliverables:


Item No.


Due Date


Participation in market scan training

Within 1 week after signing the contract


Inception report for Plan International’s approval

Within 2 weeks after signing the contract


- Findings in English uploaded to Plan International’s online market scan stool (Task 5)

- Draft report with executive summary on for Plan International’s review (Task 6)

Within 8 weeks after signing the contract and


Final report with executive summary (2 hard copies and 1 soft copy) (Task 7)

Within 2 weeks after receiving revision suggestion from SEAS project team


Key recommendation document on critical question to be included in the market scan methodology with an emphasis on entrepreneurship component (or supply chain opportunities) (Task 8)

Within 2 weeks after submitting the final report and executive summary



1 half-day presentation on recommendations for project initiatives to Plan International (Task 9)

Within 2 week after submitting the key recommendation document


  1. Schedule:


The duration of the consultancy is approximately 14 weeks from October 2017 to January 2018.



VII. Consultant’s Qualification


A consultant/team of consultants will be recruited based on the minimum qualifications and experience identified below:



VIII. How to apply?




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