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Creative Assistant Position


Organization : SideKick
Type : Other / อื่นๆ
Date : 22 Aug 2017
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Deadline : 31 / August / 2017

About three years ago, a group of us; some recovering journalists, artists, film people, graphic designers and photographers who have for many years been advocating for social causes by using media as a tool for change, together decided it was time.

We knew that in order for change to happen, social campaigns had to be accessible to everyone, it had to be engaging, inclusive, dynamic, open and most of all, fun. We wanted to be the ‘SideKick’ and help make this happen by working with organizations - both for-profits and nonprofits - clubs, social good group and networks in Thailand and around the region helping to make the complicated easy so that more and more people can be part of the solution.

Three years and many campaigns later we are starting to make a dent in society and our theory of change is slowly but surely becoming recognized.

As the Creative Assistant you will be working directly with the team of like minded individuals to think differently about social issues and causes and how we can make them relevant and exciting for the public and newsworthy for the media. You will be the backbone of the team, making everything tick, ready to get hands on and provide support when the team needs it most

Please send your resume and work sample to by 31 August 2017.
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