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Finance Admin Officer


Organization : ARC International
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 29 May 2014
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ARC International
37/1 MOO.1 Petchburi 15, Rachatevi, Bangkok
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POSITION TITLE:   Finance Admin Officer  
For SSF TB based in Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan
RESPONSIBLE TO:  Project Manager  
SUPERVISORY CAPACITY:  technical over  Finance Admin Assistant  

DEPARTMENT/COUNTRY PROGRAM DESCRIPTION/MISSION (Briefly describe your department’s/ country program’s core functions or mission)

TB Round 10 for Tuberculosis (TB),entitled “Universal Access to TB Care in Vulnerable Populations (UATBV)” project has the following three main objectives: 1) To harmonize the work of all TB care providers (PPM) in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area (the BMA), including the national TB Bureau (BTB), BMA Health Centres, select large public, private and university hospitals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations; 2) To intensify TB case finding among vulnerable populations, including improved diagnosis through LED fluorescent microscopy and same-day diagnosis for early case detection through quality-assured bacteriology; 3) To improve access to basic TB services for high-risk, marginalized populations like, non-Thai migrants working along Thai-Myanmar border and adjacent provinces and in construction and factory sites within Bangkok Metropolitan areas.

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE POSITION (A brief description of the overall purpose of the job; the rationale for why the job exists and how it contributes to ARC’s mission and strategic plan.)

She will be responsible in maintaining every aspect of the office accounts and providing general administration /logistical support to the District Coordinator of Bangkok Field Office and able to submit reports on time and with good accuracy. Furthermore, she will take the role of Lead Finance Admin and oversee the over-all financial, administrative and logistic aspects of all district field offices. She will collect and collate similar reports from District Finance Admin, reviews and submits to Project Manager for endorsement to Bangkok Office.
MAJOR AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY (List the primary duties and responsibilities of the position as simply, yet completely as possible.  Include the average percentage of time spent on the duty/responsibility.  Generally there are no more than ten (10) major responsibilities.)
PRIMARY DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                    % OF TIME
Accounting Duties:

1.   Provide over-all supervision and completes a monthly field finance report--cash count; bank reconciliation; advances; spreadsheet of expenses by account code, cash received, and cash balance; summary calculation of expenses by account code; program employee costs summary; extraordinary expenses summary, and monthly projection from the sub central level for review and approval by the Program Manager
2.   Supervise FAAs and clear staff advances, manage cash flow for daily operations, be responsible for petty cash and make payments (cash/check) for all financial transactions except for purchase for goods and supplies, at the sub central level and over-all review of the monthly implementation plan and activity proposal from provincial sites
3.   Prepare a complete set of documentation for check payments--e.g., purchase order, invoice/delivery order, payee name, terms of payment—for signature by the Program Manager and verify that the amounts on receipts expensed match the amounts in current account records and in current account statements received from banks, also at the sub central level.
4.   Collects and collates similar reports from District Finance Admin Assistants. Reviewed/Verify/Check Financial document(petty cash) for all project site and submits to Project Manager for endorsement to Bangkok Office.
Administrative/Logistic Duties:
1.   Responsible for over-all management of  project owned property including maintenance of office facilities and service contracts.
2.   Maintain a good filing system for all program and project related documents. Maintain and report office and fixed asset registration. Assist in the conduct of training and in the day-to-day detail activities/transactions such as encoding, correspondence, documentation and similar materials
3.    Review purchase request from field  office and ensure that purchases are made according to ARC procurement policy; verify specifications of purchase order; look for quotation or contact vendors to obtain price and availability of information.
4.   Provide support/assistance to Finance Admin Assistants in relating to administrative and logistics concerns.
5.   Submit monthly administration and logistic reports (in required form) from District FAAs for SR Field  Office consolidation.
6.   Responsible for Office, Vehicle and  Motorcycle and supervise driver  of the project

7.    Perform other tasks assigned by Program Manager as requested

EDUCATION, TECHNICAL SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED (List the important technical and professional skills and knowledge required to do the job well.  Include years of experience required.)

1.   University/college graduate in the field of accounting
2.   With at least 4 years of work experience as accountant
3.   Able to speak, read, write and understand English
4.   With a very good understanding of the best practices in accounting.
5.   Experience working with NGO/INGO.

KEY BEHAVIORS & ABILITIES (List the key behaviors and abilities that relate to success on the job that are critical to achieving the position’s mission and goals.)
1.   Respects and recognizes organization policies at all times.
2.   Is able to maintain good working relationship with other staffs in the organization 4
3.   Shows respect to authority and recognize the hierarchy of decision-making in the organization 5.
4.   Shows flexibility and have a good  understanding of the field situation so as to avoid compromising field activities with rigid finance policies
5.   This position requires open minded-ness otherwise, it will compromise the smooth implementation of the project.
6.   Has dedication and loyalty to his/her organization as he/she is also representing the organization and is promoting the goals and mission of the organization
7.   Shows ability to work harmoniously with other staffs in this project
8.   Adheres to project timelines and able to submit reports on time and with good accuracy
9.   Shows dedication to his work and his responsibility


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