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Malaria Specialist


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Date : 29 May 2014
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POSITION TITLE:  Malaria Specialist  
For SSF Malaria based in Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi
RESPONSIBLE TO:  ARC Project Manager   

please send detail to :
37/1 SOI.15,Petchburi Rd.,
Bangkok, Bangkok 

DEPARTMENT/COUNTRY PROGRAM DESCRIPTION/MISSION (Briefly describe your department’s/ country program’s core functions or mission)

. Partnership for Containment of Artemisinin Resistance and Moving Towards the Elimination of Plasmodium in Thailand
Specific Objectives
Objective 1: 1. To contribute towards the elimination of artemisinin resistant parasites by detecting malaria cases (both asymptomatic and symptomatic) in target areas and ensuring effective treatment and gametocytes clearance using combination therapies
Objective 2: To prevent transmission of malaria parasites through appropriate vector control and improve access to personal protection measures among target population
Objective 3: To support containment/elimination of P. falciparum parasites through comprehensive BCC, community mobilization and advocacy
Objective 4: To provide an effective and collaborative management and M&E system among partners to enable rapid and high quality implementation of the strategy

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE POSITION (A brief description of the overall purpose of the job; the rationale for why the job exists and how it contributes to ARC’s mission and strategic plan.)

•   The Malaria Specialist is essential in assisting the Project Manager in the management of Project implementation within ARC goals and objectives, policies, standards and guidelines and project planned activities. The job will contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Project activity implementation.

MAJOR AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY (List the primary duties and responsibilities of the position as simply, yet completely as possible.  Include the average percentage of time spent on the duty/responsibility.  Generally there are no more than ten (10) major responsibilities.)

PRIMARY DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                                % OF TIME

1.   Provides technical expertise in the following aspects of the GF Malaria work plan
•   Development of data gathering tools for both baseline information and monitoring of achievement of targets;
•   Development of systems and procedures for the effective implementation of the GF-Malaria work plan including:
•   System of recruitment of Migrant Liaison Officers (MLO) and Migrant Health Volunteers (MHV)
•   Master training plan for MPW, MLO and MHV, including training curriculum, teaching methods,  teaching aids and time lines
•   IEC materials for early diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
•   System of case finding, referral, follow-up and reporting of malaria cases.
•   System of coordination with Government health facilities for referral, treatment and follow-up with particular emphasis on the operation of Malaria Posts.
•   Standard monitoring and evaluation systems and networks.
•   Provide guidance to Data Management Specialist for M&E system and procedure and recommend to Project Manager.
•   Act as resource person on malaria in meetings, trainings, workshops, health education campaigns, project monitoring and evaluation and all other similar forum.
•   Write technical reports resulting from project activity implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

2.   Coordinates with DDC/BVDC and its designated representatives in the development of the above-mentioned systems and procedures to ensure that both ARC and DDC/BVDC are using a uniform Standard Operating Procedure in the implementation of the GF Malaria project.

3.    Takes initiative in the installation of the M&E in consultation with the Project Manager and with the participation of Field Coordinators.

4.   Provides orientation and training on the M&E to concerned project staff in coordination with DDC/BVDC personnel.

5.   Monitors the quality of implementation of M&E at each level of the project structure for identification of weaknesses and consequent action for its improvement.

6.   Formulate training plans for government health staff involved in the project and initiates the conduct of the same with the assistance of the Provincial Coordinator.

7.   Submits monthly program and financial plan and report to the Project Manager with endorsement from Provincial Coordinator.

8.   Assists Project Manager in:
•   Maintaining quality implementation of the project and with proper observance of best practices in malaria diagnosis and treatment and control and prevention.
•   Ensuring that all ARC staffs are regularly updated on new trends in malaria diagnosis and treatment and prevention and control.
•   Setting up of a Data Management Unit and M&E related activity with appropriate provision of human and other resources.
•   Planning and conduct of capacity building related to malaria diagnosis and treatment and prevention and control for health facilities, health staff as well as project staff.    
•   Identifying areas of research for the improvement of project implementation as well as for generation of new information related to malaria diagnosis and treatment and prevention and control
•   Data management as well as in report writing for submission to Country Director, PR and donor agency.
9.   Performs other tasks as required by the Project Manager    

EDUCATION, TECHNICAL SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED (List the important technical and professional skills and knowledge required to do the job well.  Include years of experience required.)
-   MD or MPH with malaria/community health
-   5 years Malaria/ health experience
-   Strong Interpersonal/leadership skills
-   Malaria and community health program design and management experience
-   2 years M&E experience
-   Burmese language proficiency an advantage

KEY BEHAVIORS & ABILITIES (List the key behaviors and abilities that relate to success on the job that are critical to achieving the position’s mission and goals.)

1.   Is able to maintain good working relationship with other staffs in the organization
2.   Is able to work under stressful situations without compromising the implementation of the project
3.   Is able to maintain good working relationship with staffs from other NGOs, especially the partner NGO in this project.
4.   Is able to work with staffs of other nationalities in this organization without prejudice to their nationality
5.   Maintain loyalty to his/her organization, promoting its goals and missions whenever he/she is outside the confines of the offices.
6.   Is able to deal with patients without prejudice towards their illness, nor to their nationality.
7.   Respects and recognizes organization policies at all times.
8.   Recognizes the hierarchy of decision-making in the organization and complies with it.

Best regards,
Nujarin P.
Administration Coordinator
ARC International


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