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Roundtable Meeting Facilitator

Freeland, a Bangkok-based counter trafficking organization is looking to hire a dynamic and experienced facilitator for an international roundtable meeting to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, for two days, in the first week of August 2017.


The successful candidate will be able to write and speak English fluently, and have experience in facilitating business meetings that encourage participants to reach amicable consensus on future actions within a particular industry.


Roundtable meeting details

  • Background: training of airline and airport staff to identify and report wildlife trafficking has been identified as a key need to curb wildlife smuggling in the aviation sector.
  • Purpose: to enable participants to reach consensus on training competency criteria for various aviation sector agencies and departments
  • Participants: approximately twenty (20) international representatives from the airline industry, airport authorities, wildlife conservation organizations, government agencies
  • Dates: 2-3 August 2017
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand



  • Liaise with Freeland one week prior to the meeting to receive full briefing on tasks, meeting agenda, expectations and guidelines.
  • Maintain momentum and motivation levels within the meeting.
  • Ensure all discussion points are captured.
  • Ensure participants reach amicable consensus – compromise is not necessary.
  • Be prepared against contingencies such as inflexible opinions or lack of decision making power in participants.
  • Submit a brief plan to Freeland, four (4) days prior to the meeting, on how they expect to achieve the points above.


Successful Candidate Profile

  • Excellent written and spoken skills in English
  • Experience and understanding in working in multicultural environments
  • Experience in facilitating business discussions


For more information, or to apply, please send cover letter and recent C.V. to Matthew Pritchett:

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