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Statistical analysis of old age social protection options in Myanmar, and expert review

The HelpAge International global network brings together affiliates working with older people in over 70 countries around the world.

The Government of Myanmar is currently in the process of rolling out a universal social pension. A social pension for all older people 65+ was included as a flagship programme within the National Social Protection Strategy Plan (NSPSP) of 2014 and this year the government is taking steps towards this ambition with a scheme for all older people 90+. However, while the idea of a universal social pension is widely supported, there remains limited consolidated evidence on the role, impact and feasibility of a universal social pension in the country and options for financing. HelpAge International is currently undertaking a study for the Ministry of Social Welfare, Reflief and Resettlement to fill this evidence gap.

To support the elaboration of the study, HelpAge is seeking consultants to undertake statistical analysis of existing national surveys in Myanmar, and provide expert review of the full report. The ideal consultant(s) will have advanced degree(s) in field(s) highly relevant to the nature of the study (e.g. statistics, social science, and economics). Over ten years experience of policy engagement and analysis on social protection. The consultant(s) should also have proven knowledge and thought leadership in the area of pensions and old age social protection.

See the terms of reference for further information from here

Interested consultants are invited to submit an Expression of Interest for delivery of the assignment. The short Expression of Interest (about 4 pages) should include:

1) Confirmation of availability to complete the entire assignment

2) Proposed methodology and any comments on the TOR

3) Clear work plan including timeframe for completion of each output/deliverable

4) Costing of each aspect.

5) Appendixes (not included in 4 pages)

     a. CV of the consultant(s)

     b. Contact information for 2 professional references

     c. Examples of 1-2 relevant studies previously produced

Selection of the consultant will be by a HelpAge project committee and based on the experience of the consultant, the quality and relevance of the expression of interest, and the proposed budget. Selection will be based on value for money, within resources available. Final negotiated fees will be specified in the consultancy contract.

The deadline for submission is midnight Sunday, 30 April 2017.Please contact Ms Chitlekar Parintarakul at for further information or to submit your EOI.

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