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Project Officer: Coffee and Crop Production and Marketing


Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 28 May 2014
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Project Officer: Coffee and Crop Production and Marketing
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Involve lengthy periods of engagement in remote villages working with poor families.
Participate in planning crop extension activities of the organization.
Implement planned activities under the guidance of ITDP director.
Participate in selection of project sites for implementation of planned activities.
Collaboration with the District Agricultural Offices and technical staff.
Ensure that inputs required for the project activities are procured and distributed to the respective project sites on time.
Plan, organize, coordinate and conduct appropriate training for extension agents and farmers at appropriate time.
Follow up project activities by making regular field visits to project sites to provide technical guidance and advice to the extension field staff on time and collect data and produce field reports.
Organize and coordinate farmers’ field days at appropriate sites, in collaboration with Agricultural Offices.
Assists the Director and manager, on a regular basis, in preparing monthly/quarterly and annual reports.
Assist to collect, establish, maintain and manage the database of Crop Production Extension activities.
Setting up markets for introduced agricultural activities.
Setting up detail budgets for all agricultural activities.
Qualifications, Skills & Experience:
•    B.Sc in Agriculture of Agriculture extension or in any other related field.
•    5 years of relevant experience (especially in coffee).
•    Very good oral, analytical, writing and presentational skills.
•    Experience with participatory approaches
•    Highly organized, self motivated, using initiative and creativity
•    Competence in Microsoft office including Word, Excel,
•    Proven ability to work in multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder working environments.
•    Experience working with hilltribes
•    Ability to speak and understand English is highly valued.

Salary  20,000 baht plus

สำนักงานโครงการพัฒนาชาวเขาแบบผสมผสาน (ITDP)
เลขที่ 69/2 หมู่ 4 ต.สันผีเสื้อ อ.เมือง จ.เชียงใหม่ 50300
หรือส่งอีเมล์ขอรับใบสมัครและแผนที่โครงการฯ ได้ที่ Email:
**ส่งใบสมัครภายในวันที่ 27 มิถุนายน 2557 
**ทางโครงการฯ จะติดต่อให้มาสัมภาษณ์งานในภายหลังค่ะ



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