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Data Hub Assistant Data Analyst

Data Hub Assistant Data Analyst

  1. Background

The Data Hub (website, data analysis team, and the database) is the key source and important support for countries and regional partners in Asia and the Pacific by demonstrating a strong link from Evidence to Action, strengthening networking and partnership around strategic information, and consolidating expertise in related areas. The most prominent value-added feature is its unique data analysis capacity demonstrated through advanced analysis and intelligent visuals that provide effective advocacy messages to stakeholders through website, app, and key presentations.


The Data Hub team collates and synthesizes available data from country cross-sectional surveys, prevalence studies, behavioral surveillance and other national and global reports, to capture data and strategic information on vulnerability, risk behaviors, HIV infection/disease prevalence, HIV expenditure and national responses. The Data Hub regional MS Access offline database now has more than 150 000 data points for over 2 000 indicators and sub indicators from over 1 500 unique sources. The Data Hub complements the standardized Global AIDS Monitoring (GAM) and health sector indicators available through UNAIDS and WHO databases with additional thematic and sub-national information, both epidemiological and response-related. It has a strong focus on key populations at higher risk and women and children, with gender-and age-disaggregated data where available. These data are crucial for understanding of highly geographically localized epidemics among different sub-populations at higher risk in Asia-Pacific countries, and are necessary to design cost-effective targeted programmes and interventions.


The Data Hub team also interacts directly with national and regional partners so that it can respond specifically to regional needs in generating and disseminating strategic information, and in raising interest in data use. This approach has increased the utility of the Data Hub considerably as the data products are produced for particular purposes as required by partners, and then posted on the website. In 2008 the site saw less than 200 unique visitors per month, but according to Google Analytics now there are around 3000 unique visitors per month in 2016.


The Data Hub’s web portal,, remains the only regional site of its kind, with a large repository of HIV strategic information on 26 countries in Asia-Pacific. An improved and visually eye-catching web design was developed during 2012-2013 to target policymakers with the provision of key regional and country-level HIV facts and messages for advocacy and action on the main landing pages, in addition to the existing detailed data products. Other changes include making the website more user-friendly, with information categorized more logically by key population and thematic area, an online database that mirrors the offline database and allows users to select information and create customized charts online, and a better search function. 


With the Data Hub fast becoming one of the region’s most important and popular HIV knowledge tools, there is a larger demand on the team to improve and keep the database and website updated, and to meet the analysis needs of a wide array of different UN and civil society partners. To keep up with this demand, RSTAP requires Assistant Data Analyst to support the work of the Data Hub Analysis Team.


Scope of Work:

In line with this initiative, the Assistant Data Analyst will be required to work starting 1 May 2017 for a maximum of 22 working days per month to support the team in maintaining an updated regional database, and in data analysis and strengthening the relevancy of the data products on the website as required.


Detailed Tasks:

The Assistant Data Analyst will work closely with RST and the Data Hub Analysis Team on all tasks. The primary responsibilities of the Assistant Data Analyst will include the tasks listed below. In addition, the Assistant may assist in Data Hub data-related or other tasks as requested and agreed upon with the UNAIDS RST Supervisor.


  • Update and populate data entry spreadsheets (DES) with newly available data from Global AIDS Monitoring (GAM) 2017 and assist in exporting the data entry spreadsheets to update the Data Hub regional MS Access database
  • Retrieve and compile data identified from relevant sources into the Data Hub customized data entry spreadsheet template and into the offline Endnote library if required.
  • Compile and populate data in formats/templates that are used for data visualization and analysis of Data Hub products
  • Extract and compile data on gender such as equity, violence, stigma and discrimination, access to health and legal service, etc. – based on the most recent surveys and publications (national surveys, Stigma indices, Demographic and Health Surveys, other relevant surveys and journal articles).
  • Assist in the update of Data Hub data products available on the web site to reflect the most recent data available from relevant sources. This will include in particular the ‘Overview slides’ for Asia and the Pacific countries, and regional and thematic overview slides.
  • Assist in ensuring the accuracy of the content and format of Data Hub data products developed for partners or uploaded on the web site.
  • Assist the Data Analysts in preparation of data products for partners, regional events, meetings, and conferences.



These will be as agreed upon with the Data Hub Technical Manager, in line with the strategic directions of the Data Hub and RST, and in consultation with the Data Hub Secretariat. They might include:

  • The latest available HIV and AIDS data for countries and the region that are reported in GAM are extracted, updated and compiled into Data Hub data entry spreadsheets and other required formats
  • Current and updated Data Hub MS Access regional database using data from GAM and recently published surveys and reports
  • Country profiles on the Data Hub website updated in line with the latest available data.
  • Data repository and data products on gender updated

Supervision and Reporting Requirements:

The Assistant will be guided by and report directly to Taoufik Bakkali, UNAIDS RST AP, Data Hub Manager as Supervisor and shall provide regular updates and monthly progress reports.  Daily work supervision and monitoring supervision will be provided by the Data Hub Data Analysts. 


Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required:

  • Essential: At least Bachelor Degree in Public Health, Social Science, Geography major in GIS, Statistic or related field.
  • Thai national or international legally resides in Thailand.
  • Advanced experience in computer databases including Excel, Access, GIS, etc.
  • Intermediate knowledge of HIV/AIDS required.
  • Experience in preparing visuals and graphics using power point, excel and other tools
  • Experience in working with international organizations is an advantage
  • Good comprehension of the English language with written and verbal communication skills
  • A knowledge of commonly used statistical data management programs such as Dev Info, STATA, and SPSS is an asset.



The work will commence over the period of 1 May 2017 – 31 July 2017 with the possibility of extension subject to performance and the availability of funds.


Closing Date:

Deadline for submission of the application is 7 April 2017, 5pm Thailand Time.  


Interested applicants are requested to send 1. Application letter with expected salary in Thai Baht  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) with details of three referees (one of the referees should be the most recent employer).


Kindly submit your application via email to


Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for further process. Please do not make phone calls or email follow up after your application has been submitted


Note: Applicant must be eligible to work in Thailand. No expatriate benefits or allowances will be provided.  Transfer and visa will be the consultant’s own arrangements.

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