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043-2-47734-4 SCB มูลนิธิกองทุนไทย (Thai Fund Foundation)

M&E Manager - Where the Rain Fall Project (Based in Chiangmai)


Organization : มูลนิธิรักษ์ไทย
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 11 Jan 2017
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Deadline : 25 / January / 2017

Position :      M&E Manager (Based in Chiangmai)


Job Responsibilities:


  1. Develop the documentations and participatory M&E system for all levels.
  2. Monitoring and control the PM&E under the community levels and direct implementing the M&E for higher levels.
  3. Analyze the M&E results and reporting.
  4. Documenting lesson learned, good practices for advocacy purpose.
  5. Documenting the interest cases or story from the project.


  1. Capacity building the project staff and WGs on M&E and documentation.
  2. Create follow up mechanism for M&E and documentation.
  3. Follow up, quality control, and improve the M&E system and documentation.
  4. Review and improving the mechanism and tools for M&E.
  5. Workshops for sharing the M&E results and leaning from the project at each level.


  1. Coordinate with project staff for M&E, documentation, and sharing the results.
  2. Follow up, quality control, and improve the M&E system and documentation.
  3. Coordinate with any service providers for producing the publications such as case study, good practices, lesson learned, IEC materials etc.



  1. Graduate bachelor degree or higher in Technology Agriculture or other relevant fields.
  2. Experience in NGO work at least 5 years.
  3. Having skill of project writing, reporting, research, analyzing, evaluating, project management and project monitoring and evaluation.
  4. Literacy in Microsoft Office and Social Media.
  5. Fluent in English.


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